#9-TB Prueba de interruptores By Flashbyte(Cesar)

Video tutorial basico en el que nuestro colaborador Cesar Flashbyte nos enseña a comprobar con un simple cable, la matriz de interruptores de un pinball williams Asi podremos descartar posibles problemas en la matriz derivados del tablero y saber si los problemas vienen de la Cpu —————————————————————————————————————– Basic video tutorial in which our collaborator Cesar Flashbyte teaches us to check with a simple cable, the switch matrix of a Williams pinball So we can rule out possible problems in the matrix derived from the board and know if the problems come from the CPU For English subtitles …. On the «settings» icon when you activate the subtitles, the subtitles will be in Spanish. Once you activate them, there should be an option to translate them (Auto-translate). When you click on that, a lot of languages should appear. Then, you just have to search for English or French. Automatically, the subtitles will be in the language you prefer